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Fortran77 and Fortran90 Training

Garnatz and Grovender, Inc. specializes in Fortran and other language training. Check out our on-site course offerings.

Fortran Consulting

Program conversion services using Fortran77 and Fortran90 are available.

Several projects in recent years have involved "database" type applications, but a standard database manager was too slow or too expensive to be used, so customized solutions were created. The keyed file program modules listed below are the building blocks used for some of those efforts.

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Fortran90 keyed file shareware

Some people spend thousands of dollars on a fancy database manager, when all they need is a reasonable indexed file handler. Our products provide the building blocks for Fortran 90 programmers to create three different kinds of key-only or key and sequential access files. Current versions support any standard Fortran90 compiler, plus Lahey's elf90 and Imagine1's "F" compilers, which are subsets of Fortran90.

Fortran77 keyed file shareware A Fortran 90 Interface to the X Window System FREE!

Current versions support any Fortran90 standard compiler, plus Imagine1's "F" compiler, and long pointers on DEC AXP systems.

An excellent source of Fortran90 software is the NAG Software repository.
Another excellent source of Fortran90 mathematical software is the Alan Miller's web pages at CSIRO in Australia.
Information on the Lahey elf90 compiler can be found at the Lahey web site.
Information on the Imagine1 "F" language compiler can be found at the Imagine1 web site.
The Fortran Market is another good place to look for Fortran90 related products and services.
RealWin, A Windows 95/NT library package can be found at the IndowsWay web page.

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